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Why Should I Train at Blackfoot Jiu Jitsu?

It's understood that you'll ultimately choose to train where you want but there is no longer the need to travel to Idaho Falls or Pocatello to receive instruction. 
Before you sign up at any gym you should ask some questions. 
1. Ask for a tour of the gym. You’ll notice quite a bit during a walk through. Is it safe? Is it clean? Is it organized? A quick walk through will show if the gym owner cares. 
2. Ask about the instructor's experience. Ask how long they have been training. Ask how many of those years were spent training regularly as a student under experienced black belts. Experience, time, and knowledge matters.

The Gym

Alex took the time to find a spot in Blackfoot that was centrally located. He then invested heavily into the building to ensure that it was safe for each and every practitioner.

A foam block subfloor was installed so the mats were not laid directly on hard cement. This allows for the energy to dissipate when landing on the mats and it also keeps them level, so injuries are avoided.

Zebra mats were purchased and then laid on the subfloor and walls to protect each practitioner. Zebra wood frames were then used to brace the mats. 
The gym is cleaned every evening after use. A deep clean is conducted once a week. 


Our head Instructor, Alex, has traveled up to 45 minutes each way for 10 of the 14 plus years he has trained so you do not have to. In most cases, Alex has spent more time training under the instruction of Master Pedro Sauer's top black belts and several other tenured black belts. Because of this experience, many have traveled from Idaho Falls and Pocatello to train with him over the years and continue to do so now that the gym is open.

Alex has also traveled, trained, and competed Internationally and all over the United States. 

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

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